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What's going on, update Apr. 14th, 2008 @ 07:04 pm
Hey all you Karl followers. I wanted to just give you all a short update on the situation. I'm not sure if any of you knew but Karl forgot to have Life Insurance. I'm actually a little stressed about trying to get the house. I have to do it through probate but Cest La Vie.

In order to help me get through this I'm starting up something I call the 10000 Bear Initiative. The idea is to get 10000 people to donate $10 into a fund that would then be given to someone. I know it's sounding selfish but I'm just trying to get done what Karl wanted and he wanted me taken care of. I'm just looking to get the house paid off and any outstanding bills paid so they don't have to bother me. My own bills, electric, gas, internet, car, insurance, etc. That I'm keeping. Check out http://10000bears.org/ It's not much now, but I'm hoping to find someone who would be able to help me put it together to do more.

Hugs to everyone
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Update From Jeff Sep. 16th, 2007 @ 11:40 am
Hey all, I thought I'd let you know that i finally got Karl's ashes the other day. Unfortunately, I had to do it during my lunch. Also, I've got a domain name for the Memorial site for Karl. You can now find it at


We went through all of Karl's stuff but we were unable to find a Will or an Insurance policy so right now, there's a $75,000 + Who knows what medical bills. I've put a donation link on the home page and if anyone can donate to help payoff Karl's bills, I'd really appreciate it. Karl wanted me to be taken care of but he forgot to leave anything to take care of me with.

Now I need to figure out how to mix Karl with Ashley and divy him up and send him to the appropriate people.

May He Rest in Peace Aug. 24th, 2007 @ 06:35 pm
Hi Everyone. This is Jeff, Karl's boyfriend. This is so far the most horrible day of my life. Today around 11am, Karl passed away. I was just about to come and give him the quillow that I had my mom make for him when the doctor called. I had just arrived at the hospital and was in the waiting room and he called me in. I was just shocked. After some crying and talking to Karl, I did send a text message to some people to let them know. Cindy called and I had let her know and she said that she and Tece were heading here. Robert gave me a call and came over to be with Karl and I for a little bit then we headed back to Karl’s house. Strangely enough, I can’t think of this place as my own. Here we met up with Lisa and Tim and we went to Chili’s for some lunch. I didn’t eat much. Robert went and picked up Nakia to join us and Lisa got in contact with Kat who also came to join us. It was a nice lunch even if I only had a couple of bites of my Ceaser salad. Tonight we will go see Nakia at Egos or something like that. I kinda hope he dedicates a song to Karl. God, I loved him so much. I already miss him terribly. I think I’d like people to send me something to put in the blog about when they heard so I can give everyone the full story or just general rem. Please send any submissions, including a picture if you have one, to applejsa@mac.com and I’ll post them here on the blog. The format is simple, Title, what you want to say, and a picture of whatever you want to remember him with. I hope to hear some everyone soon.

For further information, please watch our joint blog at http://web.mac.com/applejsa/
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GenCon Aug. 18th, 2007 @ 07:07 pm
I'm not sick, so I'm doing better than last year. Jeff is really tired of pushing the wheelchair around so we're not going to as many games as I would like, but I understand I'm heavy and it. He missed the one game he definitely wanted to play and I feel really bad for him, but I didn't know when it was scheduled. He says he's having a good time. I hope he's not lying to me. I love him so much I just want him to have fun.

Stuff Aug. 13th, 2007 @ 12:56 pm
I'm back in Austin, in case that wasn't clear. The appetite isn't any less strong, but the volume of food seems to be reduced today. Must be because more of it is staying in system to be digested. That makes some sense I guess. Tim and are going to go for Pho and then look at renting an electric mobility cart for GenCon. Mark E. is calling the hotel we're staying at and seeing if they have one for rent. I'm going to make this work.
Other entries
» GenCon
I'm looking forward to it, but Jeff wants me to rent a wheelchair or scooter or something. I've looked on line and can't find any to rent. I found a few for sale, but they want a LOT of money. SIGH. I'm sick of being sick. I still want to go to gencon.
» Stuff
Simspson movie good. New eating restrictions very bad. Appetite OUT OF CONTROL. I swear if I don't eat like 10 times a day I go crazy.
» We're going to a movie
I'm pretending to be human today. YEA!!!!! We're going to Simpsons.
» Getting out tonight
Staying in San Antonio for the rest of the week. Will be doing the whole outpatient clinic every day. I hope that it all works out. I so want to get better and go to GenCon and see the world and stuff.

» confusing news
Well, everything is looking better and they're talking about letting me out of the hospital, but having me stay in SA for the outpatient thing for the week. I got a hotel and am making plans to get my car brought down so I can get back and forth. It's 5 miles, and I should be able to handle it, if I have a bad spell I can call a cab or something. All is well until a few hours ago they come in and tell me that my CMV is high and they are going to be switching me to Valsite (Valcite?) and I know it has to be closely monitored so I may not be able to travel after all. DAMNIT. I will be sure to talk to Dr. LeMaistre tomorrow about this. I just wish it was simpler, like earlier when he said I was going to be great at the end of the week. CMV SUCKS. Cancer side effects suck. Treatments suck. Feeling a little better but knowing you're not REALLY better really sucks.


I wish there was someone in SA to bring me food. I have to dress in that damn gown and stuff if I want to go to the McD's in the food court.
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